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Win Davis

Win Davis

The author, Win Davis, is located in Florida.  Men of Schiff:  A History of the Professional Scouters Who Built the Boy Scouts of America, is his first work for publication.


He is a former professional Scouter, retired attorney, retired  Air Force officer and lives with his miniature schnauzer, Pepper.


An Eagle Scout, the author has been a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America for more than sixty years, as Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Scoutmaster, Sea Scout Skipper, Commissioner, Commodore and other positions too numerous to mention.  He spent five years as a professional Scouter and attended the National Executive Institute at Schiff Scout Reservation in 1970, which gives him a unique perspective on Boy Scouting.  He was fortunate enough to meet and talk with many Scouting notables and non notables.  Win had the privilege of being a personal friend of William L. “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt during the last years of his long life.  He has traveled and met Scouters from all around the world, professional and non professional.

As a longtime, dedicated Scouter, Win has felt for some years that this is a book that needed to be written, believing that it would appeal to many readers who were never a part of Scouting and never knew any professional Scouters. Certainly, those who have known and worked with these dedicated men and women will recognize their dedication and love of Scouting. Perhaps the reader will share the author's interest in the historical aspects of the early years of Boy Scouting in the United States.  These “Men of Schiff” built a movement out of nothing but a book written by an English general, the interest of boys and the willingness of men like fictional Lem Siddons of MacKinlay Kantor’s great book For God and My Country, later a movie called Follow Me, Boys to take on the job of teaching boys to love the outdoors and live comfortably there.

Men of Schiff, The Song

The song, Men of Schiff, was a theme sung by the members of the National Training School at Schiff and later by men at the National Executive Institute until women were admitted to professional Scouting. It was written by Robert Bruce, a member of NTS class number 145 and set to the tune of Don't Give Up The Ship, sung by Dick Powell


Men of Schiff


Men of Schiff together

Taking to the world,

Scouting ways forever

With flags and banners mightily unfurled.

To our Oath and Scout Law

True we'll always be,

With every Council, every Region

Bound together in our legion

Men of Schiff are we.

Scouting History Can Come to Your Group

Win is available to speak to Scout and other groups about Scouting history. There is no charge to groups (although honorariums are always welcome), except for travel outside the immediate greater Orlando area.


Contact Win through email to set up a talk for your group.

Win Davis with "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt, 1988

My Wood Badge patrol, the Bucket O' Sweat Bears, at Zastro Camp, Philmont, in 1968

Our patrol totem. A bear from behind, wearing a Smokey hat and with the Philmont brand. His feet and tail make the numbers 323, our course number. Each member had a bead of sweat on the side of the bear. Mine is in a circle.