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Lord Baden-Powell and Lady Baden-Powell in the 1930s at their home, Pax Hill, with their children.

Lord Baden-Powell reviewing British Scouts in the 1930s.

Scouts at the 1937 Jamboree, Washington, D.C. 

Boy Scouts playing in their campsite at the Gettysburg battlefield in 1913.  The occasion was the 50th anniversary of the battle.  Scouts were on hand to assist the elderly veterans of the Union and Confederate Armies. 

Scouts in camp at Gettysburg playing mumble-the-peg.  This was a different way of playing than it was in the 1950s and later when knives were thrown at the feet of other boys.

Scouts at Gettysburg playing in camp.  This game apparently involved dunking a boy's head in water. The Gettysburg reunion was the first opportunity for Boy Scouts to play a part in a major national event and brought them to the attention of the public.

Sea Scouts at an encampment in Massachusetts in the 1920s.  The early Sea Scout uniforms were khaki instead of the traditional white.  Sea Scouts today wear the white "cracker jack" uniform.

Cartoon by Eagle Scout Milt Caniff, reflecting his own experience as a young Boy Scout in Ohio. 

Scouts at Camp Roosevelt in 1925.