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Errata Found in Men of Schiff

One of the pictures in my book is this one of Ernest Thompson Seton. He was among the original founders of the BSA. This formal portrait is from my collection. In the portrait, Seton is wearing what appears to be a British Scout hat badge in his lapel. Although it isn't entirely clear from the original, it seems to be an early BSA hat badge, made for the U.S. in Britain. In the current issue of the International Scout Collectors Association Journal there are photos and information about these early badges. The images show that the U.S. version of the badge had a representation of a knot dangling from the "Be Prepared" banner on the bottom. Seton's badge in this photo definitely has such a device. The hat badges were made of metal with a colored horsehair plume behind it. The color of the plume indicated the position in Scouting of the wearer. These hat badges were discontinued in the early years of the BSA. I apologize to my readers for my ignorance of these and thank the ISCA for educating me. BTW, the ISCA can be found at

More Errata



It has been called to my attention that I have erred in my statistics about Philmont Scout Ranch (page 90 in the book). This happens when I rely on memory rather than looking up the statistics!


The total size of the Scout Ranch is about 137,500 acres or somewhat over 200 square miles. The highest peak on the ranch is Mount Baldy, at 12,441 feet.


I thank my readers for continuing to bring errata to my attention!

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