My Current Project

I've been working on Men of Schiff my whole life.  Only in the last five years have I started to really research and write what has become this book of Scouting history.


Scouting history from a unique perspective: the stories of the professional Scouters who organized and spread the Boy Scouts of America across this great country and beyond.  From the Marshall Islands in the Pacific, where America's day begins, through Japan and Korea, across Europe and the North American continent to Hawaii, where the sun sets, many men and women who do Scouting for a living have created the largest Scouting movement in the world.


Having been a professional Scouter and having traveled and experienced Scouting around the world.  My intention is to share with my readers a story that is uniquely American and to give a small taste of the caliber of individuals so dedicated to the building of character in boys that they sacrificed their time, money and family lives to do it.

The Manor House at Schiff Scout Reservation, Mendham, New Jersey.  At Schiff from 1933 until 1979, professional Scouters underwent the training for their jobls.